Healing Bodywork

Therapeutic and Relaxing Massage ~ I am an intuitive bodyworker whose calm, flowing, yet firm massage style incorporates Swedish, Deep Tissue, Acupressure, & a variety of other techniques.  Depending on the client's needs & requests, I may incorporate Craniosacral Therapy or Reiki into the session. Every massage is designed for each client's unique needs & preferences, whether that may be a purely relaxing massage, a therapeutic session for specific areas of pain or discomfort, or a session that includes energy work as well as massage. If desired, I also include Moss Botanicals aromatherapy with an essential oil blend to enhance the healing experience. Moss Botanicals is a high quality line of custom aromatherapy blends for body, mind, and spirit, made with love, reverence, and intention here in the Ojai Valley.

 Side by Side Massage ~ I invite you to experience a massage alongside your significant other or a friend, with myself and another trusted massage therapist.

Hot & Cold Jade Stone Therapy ~  Blending the use of traditional massage with hot & cold jade stones invites deep relaxation & unwinding, increases circulation, eases muscular tension, & evokes a sense of balance and peace. The warm, comforting stones are used to massage the body into tranquility, leaving the mind quiet and at ease. The heat from the stones facilitates a deep tissue massage gently yet effectively, and cold stones are used as needed for reducing inflammation. The combination of hot and cold increases circulation of blood and lymph, helping the body along in its natural detoxification processes. Jade is known for being a wise, heart-opening stone, balancing the kidneys and water in the body, clearing stagnant energy, generating abundance, peace and harmony, encouraging vitality and regeneration on a cellular level. People leave this treatment deeply relaxed & in tune.


Reiki and Energy Healing~  I am a natural born and extensively trained psychic energy worker. I have also been attuned as a Reiki Master in the Usui lineage. The Usui Reiki method is a gentle yet powerful energy healing technique developed in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui and brought to the west in 1937 by Mrs. Hawayo Takata. Reiki is life force energy, which I understand as the energetic thread that pulses through us, the earth, and the cosmos, connecting us to each other and to the greater cycles we dance within. This naturally healing energy creates a space where we can tune into the essential self, unwind, and reset to harmony. The beauty of the energy channeled is that it works with the wisdom of the body, mind, and spirit, flowing and working on every level it needs to for optimal healing. I also blend other styles of energetic work, always working with the divine light of loving truth-- facilitating a remembrance of our true radiant nature while honoring the complexity of the human experience. It is my belief that this divine energy is always accessible to us, because we are that divinity. This inherently healing energy restores balance through clearing stagnant patterns held in our energetic fields, harmonizing energy centers, encouraging receptivity & connection, fostering deep relaxation, and creating a sense of lightness and peace. I will ask if there is an intention the client has for the session, and from that foundation I work intuitively. We are here to remember who we are, honor our wholeness, trust in ourselves, express who we are with love and truth, and support each other in healing and growth.

~Reiki Ryoho Principles~
Just for today, thou shall not anger
Just for today, thou shall not worry
Thou shall be grateful for the many blessings
Earn thy livelihood with honest labor
Be kind to thy neighbors


Craniosacral Therapy ~ Craniosacral Therapy is a healing modality which focuses on releasing stress and tension in the body by attuning to the rhythm of the craniosacral system. The craniosacral system is made up of the membranes & cerebrospinal fluid that surround & protect the brain and spinal cord. Through a series of very light, calming holds along the feet, knees, torso, head, and neck, my aim is to help facilitate the body's release of restrictions in soft tissues surrounding the craniosacral system. It is a deeply relaxing treatment that enhances each client's ability to unwind, easing into a natural state of balance & well-being.



Healing Packages ~ I find the most productive and deeply healing work happens over time through multiple sessions, with space to integrate in between. Depending on your needs, these sessions could happen once or twice a week, or over the course of a few months. Consider purchasing a package for optimal healing, unwinding, and savings.

 A package of 3 bodywork and or energy healing sessions: 60 minute sessions $315 // 90 minute sessions $435

A package of 5 bodywork and or energy healing sessions: 60 minute sessions $525  // 90 minute sessions $725

If you would like a package that includes more sessions, just let me know and I will apply the magic discount! 



*For out-calls:  Travel fee outside of Ojai is $15-$30 depending on location.

*For appointments in-spa: I will let you know the location upon booking.

*I accept cash, credit, Paypal, and Venmo

*Gift certificates are always available

Energy Work$160 / 90 minutes
Energy Work$120 / 60 minutes
Hot Stone Therapy$175 / 90 minutes
Massage$160 / 90 minutes
Massage$120 / 60 minutes
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